Welcome my first J-Novel Based Story~~~~

Hello readers!!! Please welcome my new work "Isekai No Ni, Watashi wa Mada Fukou Ni Naru?" or "Even in Another World, I’m Still Unlucky?". This is my very first novel based on some reincarnation and another world stories/j-novels. Currently, most novels I'm reading (found on NovelUpdates) are mostly this type of style (e.g. Duke's Daughter,… Continue reading Welcome my first J-Novel Based Story~~~~


Chapter 8 – First Act

Then she took one of the last two letters… She twitched… It was from Natsume. 'Mikan. You were the only thing that makes my stupid ego fall down, the one who made me swallow my pride, the one who doused the fire raging inside my heart. I'm sorry I didn't try understanding your situation that… Continue reading Chapter 8 – First Act


Chapter 2 – Alice Academy Again

"Hyuuga". Mikan sweat dropped. "Hmm…? Naru, you had a new student?" he said. Why is she wearing a mask? Crackle. Crackle. "!" Mikan? What are you doing? Narumi slightly panicked but calmed himself immediately. "What the-!" Everyone was shocked as Mikan burned her mask revealing her true face. "Mik-" Hotaru said but was cut-off by Natsume's apology to… Continue reading Chapter 2 – Alice Academy Again


Introducing my First Fanfic (Formerly posted on Fanfiction.net)

I decided to move all of my WRITTEN imagination and delusions here in my blog, than my account on fanfiction.net... Since I'm going to close my accounts in fanfiction.net... NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE BASIS STORY (Forerver alone? by Cuna999) nor the Original Manga (Gakuen Alice) Summary: Everybody knows Mikan is dead. But 10… Continue reading Introducing my First Fanfic (Formerly posted on Fanfiction.net)